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Our suite of online platforms connects investors directly to the Australian and global markets via an innovative, live environment.

Whether you want to make international payments, speculate on the foreign exchange market, trade international equities and options, or you are active in the carbon or electricity markets, OMF Markets have an online solution to meet your requirements.

Trade with OMF Markets and experience the difference. When trading via such a powerful platforms, OMF Markets believes around the clock quality service, training and trading insights are essential. Our experienced dealers offer quality insights and strategies ensuring you take a sophisticated approach when trading these markets.

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OMFgo - Online Trading

Get supported by an experienced and reliable dealing desk while gaining direct market access to over 35,000 instruments on an award winning web based platform.

OMF Markets have formed a relationship with SAXO to provide our clients access to OMFgo, a sophisticated, award-winning online trading platform* which provides direct market access all from a single cross-margin, multi-currency account. Our wide product range includes:

FX FX Options,
CFD’s, Stocks,
ETF’s, Futures,
Listed Options Bonds


Introduction to OMFgo

* When referencing awards, we are referring to the ADVFN International Financial Awards 2018: Best Platform for Active Traders

OMFgo benefits


The no1 platform*

Get fast and reliable access to 35,000+ instruments on the web-based OMFgo, without paying platform subscription fees


Direct market access to a wide product range

Access 35,000+ instruments across all asset classes from any PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone


Intuitive interface

Place trades, manage orders and work from charts in fewer clicks than ever, with streamlined navigation across a user-friendly workspace


Cross-device functionality

Trade seamlessly on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, with your settings and preferences automatically synced between devices


Innovative risk management features

Discover unique tools to manage your risk and control your positions. These include:

  • Stop orders
  • Margin breakdown 
  • Cancel all orders 
  • Quick-close orders 
  • Quick-close positions
  • Margin Alerts 
  • Account shield


Comprehensive account overview

Analyse your performance in detail with dedicated dashboards for your P/L and returns, and download historical reports for bookkeeping purposes

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Manage your FX hedging and payment requirements with OMF x24

The ability to proactively manage volatile currency markets and an efficient international payment solution are vital to remaining competitive in the global business environment.

OMFx24 is a platform that removes the hassle from sending and receiving payments overseas. A full range of foreign exchange tools allow you to effectively manage your currency risk so that you can focus on building your business.


Introduction to OMF Markets FX Hedging & Payment Platform

OMF x24 features & benefits


Live indicative FX rates and request dealable quotes online

Logging into the OMFx24 portal provides instant access to live indicative FX rates, with the ability to request real-time quotes for the currency pair you wish to trade.


Real-time account management

Manage your positions, track balances or view margin requirements online. The real-time environment provides you with a complete overview of your FX account.


A range of order types & transactions

Align the right tools to your FX needs. Place orders at spot or utilise forward contracts to hedge your positions. Limit order functionality helps you limit risk in volatile market conditions.


Full international payment platform

A simple and efficient payment platform allows you to set up approved third party bank accounts, making international payments hassle-free


Access full transaction information online

Need some help? Our team of experienced dealers are available 24 hours from 5.30am Monday morning until the close of markets on Saturday morning, to provide support, informed fundamental and technical analysis.


Manage multiple accounts

Access account information, manage positions and place orders across multiple accounts, all from the same log in. Your portal access links any entity or account that you are associated with so that you have a complete overview.

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OMF Markets CommTrade

OMF Markets CommTrade is an online platform that provides live pricing and execution services for a full range of carbon transactions.

CommTrade is a user friendly platform matching parties that are buying and selling contracts in the renewable carbon market. Registered users can post bids and offers on carbon units, enabling them to manage carbon trading around the clock and monitor market pricing in a live environment.

OMF CommTrade features & benefits


Access Live Pricing

CommTrade provides a facility where live pricing is listed for all available carbon contracts. Access the latest spot and forward prices, options pricing and historical data across a full range of products that can be executed via the platform.


Post bids and offers in a live environment

Buyers and sellers can log in and place orders when the markets are open. Orders can be executed on a spot or forward basis. All prices are anonymous – the platform will electronically provide you with trade and counterparty details once the buy and sell has been matched.


Professional news and research tools

Access the information you need to stay fully informed of market developments. Our daily market commentary provides an in-depth analysis of the carbon and power markets to keep you up to date.

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